Comprehensive Vehicle Assessments

Are you frustrated with your insurer and need a third party or independent assessment?

If your car has not been repaired to pre-collision condition, your car’s handling characteristics, function, appearance and ability to protect your life in the event of another accident can be compromised.

Our trusted vehicle inspection partners – IVIC, provide comprehensive and expert vehicle assessment post repair inspection reports that include:

  • Detailed information regarding repair defects
  • Photographic evidence with expert commentary
  • Precision Car Bench® chassis measurements that identify repairs that are out of tolerance
  • Paint micrometre reports
  • Metallurgy reports
  • Manufacturer statements regarding repair methods
  • I-CAR repair rules
  • Repair industry position statements

Only IVIC uses Car Bench® measurement technology in Australia to verify if chassis repairs have been performed to manufacturer standards and industry tolerances.

Most repairers and insurers offer life-time warranties on all collision repairs. Our post collision repair inspection partners – IVIC can prepare a tried & tested, expert report that you can take to your repairer and/or insurer to claim ‘reworks’ on reports post accident repair inspection – at no extra cost to you, if they have not been performed correctly.

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