Pre Sale Vehicle Inspections

Pre Sale Car Inspection

  • Are you selling a car and want to certify that the car is as good as it was when it rolled off the factory floor?
  • The number one question that all used car buyers ask – has this car been in an accident?

Through our pre-sale inspection partners – IVIC, we offer free initial pre-sale vehicle inspections and exclusive ‘Vehicle Integrity Packs’ that certify that the car’s structure is Crashworthy™ and that it’s as good as it was when it was first made – even after collision repairs.

Pre Sale Vehicle Inspections

If we discover issues with previous collision repairs, most repairers and insurers offer life-time warranties, allowing you to claim ‘rewards’ on previous repairs at no extra cost. In this way you can ensure the car you are selling is safe and in good condition – or replaced if the reworks are uneconomical.

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