Toyota Corolla


Vehicle: 2011 Toyota Corolla
Insured Value: $12,000
Market Value: $6,000
Ancap Safety Rating: 3.5

Toyota Corolla

Technician Name
Stephen Pascoe

Technician Report and Comments
“It is my expert opinion this vehicles accident damage is still existent and occupant safety is severely compromised in a potential 5th collision.
The has been an attempt to conceal a bent and kinked left rear chassis rail with underbody coatings, while further damage found to be a kinked left hand quarter panel dog leg. There are clear visual indicators of seam separation on the left quarter panel and water leaks associated with repair to the rear of the vehicle.
The measurement document indicates right rear chassis rail has 4 to 5 mm movement. There are endless defects throughout all previous insurance works conducted to this vehicle and rectification is not an option.
Furthermore, the collision energy management system built into this vehicle is currently altered and voided from the original Computer Aided Design (CAD) released by Toyota Motor Corporation”

Failed Inspection

The vehicle had 51 repair defects.
• Manufacturer repair standards were not adhered to.
• Manufacturer repair methods were not followed.

Opportunity to Rectify
• All related parties were invited to view the vehicle and defects.
• An opportunity to rectify the defects was provided.

• A final opportunity was given to the insurer to rectify the defects.
• A recommendation was issued to the insurer to settle the matter to eliminate further risk and liability and to avoid further costs.

• The insurer and the customer agreed to a settlement of $ 12,000.
• The IVIC inspection fees, vehicle storage fees and customer rental vehicle costs were paid by the insurer.
• The vehicle was classified a “Write Off”